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Our Global supply chain allows us to offer alloy and stainless steel forgings including; Hammer, Press, Drop and Stamped products.  This provides us with the capability to be efficient and reliable, whilst remaining flexible and competitive in our market place.

We offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke forged products. Below are some examples of forgings we provide.

Rolled Rings Anchor

Ring rolling is a specialised type of hot rolling that increases the diameter of a ring.  The starting material is a thick-walled ring. This piece is placed on an idler roll, while another roll presses the ring from the outside.  As rolling occurs the wall thickness decreases as the diameter increases.  The rings may be shaped to form various cross-sectional shapes.  The resulting grain flow is circumferential, which gives better mechanical properties.

Contoured Rolled RingsAnchor

Contoured rolled rings are hot rolled as a ring but are produced with contours on the inside and/or outside diameters. A key advantage to contoured rings is a significant reduction in machining times.

Shapes can be contoured to meet your specifications.

Open Die Forgings Anchor

In open-die forging, a hammer strikes and deforms the workpiece, which is placed on a stationary anvil.  Open-die forging gets its name from the fact that the dies (the surfaces that are in contact with the piece) do not enclose the piece, allowing the material to flow except where it contacts the dies.  Therefore the operator needs to orient and position the piece to get the desired shape.  The dies are usually flat in shape, but some have a specially shaped surface for specialised operations.  For example, a die may have a round concave, or convex surface, to be a punch to form holes or be a cut-off tool.

GFM Forged Bars Anchor

GFM (Gyratory Forging Machine) is a precision forging process which produces cylindrical bar shapes by hot forging whilst the bar is rotating.  It offers excellent surface quality and reduced machining allowances.

Forged Shafts Anchor
Step/solid shafts (spindles or rotors) whose diameter increases or decreases (steps down) at multiple locations along the longitudinal.  

Long Hollows Anchor

Hollows are cylindrical in shape, usually with the length much greater than the diameter of the part.  Length, wall thickness, ID, and OD can be varied as needed.

Closed Die Forgings Anchor

Closed die forging is when metal is placed in a die resembling a mould, which is attached to the anvil, Usually the hammer die is also shaped.  The hammer is then dropped on the piece, causing the metal to flow and fill the die cavities.  Excess metal is squeezed out of the die cavities, forming what is commonly referred to as 'flash'.  The 'flash' cools more rapidly than the rest of the material; this cool metal is stronger than the metal in the die so it helps prevent more flash from forming.  This also forces the metal to completely fill the die cavity.  After the forging process is complete the flash is removed. 


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